About the Conference

BUSUN Delegates

The Brown University Simulation of the United Nations is a high school Model United Nations conference held on Brown University's campus that hosts over 900 students annually. At BUSUN, we believe in challenging students to reach their utmost potential. Students will learn debate, public speaking, and negotiation skills as well as develop an understanding of world affairs. Since its founding in 1996, BUSUN has prized itself on the professionalism and creativity that have come to define the conference.

At BUSUN, students participate in one of approximately 41 committees. Each committee and its topics are carefully chosen to provide an engaging and informative learning environment for delegates. BUSUN prides itself on its informed and passionate chairs, and is proud to offer a wide variety of General Assemblies, International Agencies, Specialized, Historical, and Crisis committees from which delegates may choose from. As a testament to the multitude of topics that BUSUN has to offer, some past committees have included Interpol, Versailles 1789, the Icelandic Cabinet, the African Union, and the Suez Canal Crisis. The bulk of BUSUN committees are smaller than those at many other Model UN conferences, which allows students an opportunity to participate and learn in a more fulfilling manner. In fact, even GA Plenary is capped at 45 delegates. In addition, BUSUN offers a unique joint-crisis of 4 simultaneously interacting committees, an opportunity that allows students to simulate real-time diplomacy and adaptation to international events quickly and effectively in a fully-immersive experience.