The Secretariat

Jordan Waller
Jordan Waller - Secretary-General

Jordan Waller ('18) is the Co-Secretary General for BUSUN 2017. She is originally from Chicago, IL and is concentrating in Political Science and History. Outside of Brown Model United Nations, Jordan serves on the Interviews Board from the Brown Political Review and conducts research for a professor in the Political Science Department. This is Jordan's second year on the BUSUN Secretariat. As someone who has participated in Model United Nations since high school, she is excited to make sure BUSUN is an educational and enjoyable experience for all.

Cathy Bai
Cathy Bai - Secretary-General

Cathy Bai (’19) is the Co-Secretary-General for BUSUN 2016. Cathy is a junior Computational Biology and Applied Mathematics-Economics (or maybe History) concentrator from China and Indonesia. When she’s not overcommitted to classes, she enjoys cooking, playing the classical guitar, and spending an absurd amount of time hunting for nice cafes in Providence. Cathy served as Director of General Committees for BUSUN 2016, and is looking forward to an even better conference this year.

Beatriz Vianna
Beatriz Vianna - Under-Secretary-General

Beatriz Vianna (’18) is excited to join the Secretariat as Under-Secretary-General for her fourth and final year of BUSUN. Bia is a senior Economics concentrator from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and has been doing Model UN since her sophomore year of high school. Outside of Model UN she is the co-President of Brownzilians, the Brazilian Students Association at Brown, is a Research Assistant for the Economics and Education Department, is a peer advisor for first-year students, and plays in the percussion group named Bloco da Brown. She is excited to come back for this year’s Secretariat, and is looking forward to an amazing BUSUN 2017!

Colette Bare
Colette Bare - Director General

Colette Bare (’19) is the Director General for BUSUN 2017. Originally from Illinois, she is a junior studying electrical engineering with a focus on applications in health and human biology. Outside of her time competing with the Brown MUN travel team and organizing logistics for BUSUN XXI, you can find Colette working as a peer advisor, playing intramural soccer, running events with the Society of Women Engineers, or doing research in a neuro-engineering lab on campus. Colette has participated in Model UN since her freshman year of high school and is excited to make this BUSUN the best one yet!

Zahra Asghar
Zahra Asghar - Director of General Committees

Zahra Asghar ('20) is the Director of General Committees for BUSUN 2017. She is a sophomore from Dubai, UAE concentrating in Cognitive Neuroscience and International Relations with a focus on the Middle East. She has participated in MUN since her freshman year at high school and has participated in all aspects of the Brown University Model United Nations program. When she's not doing MUN, she can be found working as a research assistant to find ways that neuroscience can be used to improve education and psychosocial support for refugees (or napping). She looks forward to a wonderful BUSUN XXI.

Margaret Follett
Margaret Follett - Director of Specialized and Historical Committees

Margaret Follett (’19) is excited to serve as the Director of Specialized and Historical Committees for BUSUN XXI. Margaret is a junior concentrating in History and Computer Science. She hails from the tiny town of Boxborough, Massachusetts, for which she has a remarkable amount of town pride. Margaret served as the Director for the African Union at BUSUN XX, and is thrilled to return for another amazing conference. Outside of Model UN she volunteers for BruNotes, a musical outreach group to local public schools, and serves as an English tutor for Syrian refugees with the non-profit Paper Airplanes.

Adam DeHovitz
Adam DeHovitz - Director of Crisis Committees

Adam DeHovitz ('19) is Director of Crisis Committees for this year's BUSUN. Adam is a New Yorker enjoying his time here at Brown, where he studies Computer Science. When he's not overworked he enjoys biking, reading about history, and being a teaching assistant in the CS department. Adam was Director of Technology as well as a Crisis Manager at last year's BUSUN, and has been involved in the conference since his sophomore year of high school when he first came as a delegate. He hopes that you'll enjoy the conference as much as he did.

Jourdan Smithwick
Jourdan Smithwick - Director of External Affairs

Jourdan Smithwick (’20) is proud to serve as the Director of External Affairs for BUSUN XXI. A sophomore from Long Island, New York hoping to concentrate independently, Jourdan has been involved with Model United Nations as a delegate since middle school. She now works to organize and staff conferences at Brown — having served as chair of Brazil in the six-committee joint crisis about global cybersecurity for BUSUN XX as well as chair of England 1066 for BUCS XI. Outside of all that she does for Brown Model United Nations, Jourdan volunteers as a tutor for incarcerated individuals with the Petey Greene program, advocates for gender equality, and makes playlists of which she is quite proud. She is looking forward to a successful conference and is available to address any questions or concerns at

Anna Meyer
Anna Meyer - Director of Outreach

Anna Meyer ('18) is the Co-Director of Outreach for BUSUN 2017. Anna is a junior Education and American Studies concentrator from Massachusetts. She has been participating in MUN since high school and served as the Director of Outreach for BUSUN 2016. When she is not reading for class, Anna works as a research assistant in the Education department and volunteers in Providence Public Schools. She is so excited to welcome high schoolers to campus for some amazing debate!

Elana Confino-Pinzon
Elana Confino-Pinzon - Director of Outreach

Elana Confino-Pinzon (‘20) is delighted to join BUSUN 2017 as one of the Directors of Outreach. Elana is a sophomore from New York planning to concentrate in Political Science and Urban Studies. She has been involved with Model UN since her sophomore year of high school, and was a director for BUSUN last year. Outside of Model UN, Elana is involved with the Brown Special Events Committee, and volunteers as a tutor at a local Providence elementary school. On campus, she can be found working on art projects or listening to new musical soundtracks.

Tess Rossi
Tess Rossi - Director of Operations and Implementations

Tess Rossi ('20) is the Director of Operations for BUSUN 2017. Tess is a sophomore who has no idea what she wants to concentrate in, though she would bet $1 she will end up concentrating in Literary Arts. Tess is a native Rhode Islander and began participating in Model UN her junior year of high school. Outside of MUN, Tess is a part of Write It Brown, a novel writing club, and is employed by Brown's Alumni Relation Department, staffing events such as Alumni Fall Weekend and Reunion/Commencement Weekend. When she's not busy, Tess likes to explore photography, read sci-fi novels, and watch Netflix.

Lily Zhao
Lily Zhao - Director of Decorum

Lily (Yiyu) Zhao (’18) is the Director of Decorum for BUSUN XXI. Lily comes from Beijing, China, but has also lived in various other cities including Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Vancouver. Lily is currently a senior concentrating in English Nonfiction Writing, Economics, and Visual Arts. Outside of Model UN, Lily enjoys writing, editing, and illustrating for the International Writers' Blog, being a part of the Chinese Students Association, and dancing with the Salsa Club. She also serves as a Meiklejohn Peer Advisor. Lily loves to read and to travel. She has previously served as the Director of Operations and Implementation, and as Co-Secretary-General on the BUSUN Secretariat and is looking forward to contributing to the conference in her capacity as Director of Decorum this year.

Bethany Hung
Bethany Hung - Director of Media

Bethany Hung (’19) is the Director of Media for BUSUN 2017. Although Bethany formally studies cognitive neuroscience here at Brown, she also gets very excited about organic chemistry and oceanography. When not doodling in Illustrator for BUSUN, she can be found doodling on her nails or on a whiteboard in the Sciences Library. Beyond BUSUN, she serves as media lead for Hack@Brown, Brown’s annual hackathon, creative director for B-SIDE Magazine, and communications director for Brown NARAL. Bethany also spends an inordinate amount of time in a basement researching visual cognition and staring into the darkness.

Ben Navetta
Ben Navetta - Director of Technology

Ben Navetta ('19) is Director of Technology for BUSUN XXI. A lifelong New Englander, Ben comes from a small town in Massachusetts. As a junior at Brown, he loves studying computer science. Outside of BUSUN, he's one of the workshops leads for Hack@Brown, a teaching assistant in the computer science department, and the systems administrator for a computer vision research lab. When he has the time, Ben is passionate about coffee, baking, and classics. He got his first Model UN experience when a friend pulled him into staffing BUCS his freshman year.